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Capital Car Shops
 (Nov. - April)
Oct. 28 Halloween Car Show at Eddie F's By: Bill Flavin
Oct. 15 **** Cohoes Car Show *****By: Ed Sindoni
Oct. 15 Cohoes Car Show 2023 By: Bill Flavin
Oct. 13 Hershey 2023 By: Paul Wick
Oct. 1 CSA Car Show at Siena By: Bill Flavin
Oct. 1 Siena's CSA Car Show By: Paul Wick
Oct. 1 CSA Car Show at Siena By: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 24 Albany Saratoga Speedway By: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 23 Saratoga EaglesBy: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 23 Eagles Club SaratogaBy: CCS.com
Sept. 20 Applebee's - Altamont - Schoharie By: Paul Wick
Sept. 17 Hartwick Highlands CampgroundsBy: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 16 Helping Our Vets Car ShowBy: CCS.com
Sept. 11 Curtis Lumber Car Show trophy winnersBy: Curtis Lumber
Sept. 11 Curtis Lumber Car Show 2023By: Curtis Lumber
Sept. 11  *** Adirondack Nationals *** By: the K-man
Sept. 10 Curtis Lumber Car Show 2023By: CCS.com
Sept. 10 Curtis Lumber Car Show By: Paul Wick
Sept. 8 Adirondack Nationals (Friday)By: CCS.com
Sept. 8 Adirondack Nationals (Thursday)By: Mark Freedman
Sept. 2 Road Rods & Rock Crawlers ExpoBy: Mark Freedman
Sept. 2 Road Rods & Rock Crawlers Expo By: Paul Wick
Aug. 31 Shermans Park on Caroga LakeBy: CCS.com
Aug. 27 All MOPAR Show at Goldstein - 150 Cars  No. 3By: CCS.com
Aug. 27 O'Reilly Show & MOPAR Show at Goldstein  No. 2By: Paul Wick
Aug. 27 All MOPAR Show at Goldsteins  No. 1By: Mark Freedman
Aug. 27 Goldstein Buick Cruise-In   120 CarsBy: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 27 Albany Saratoga Speedway   8/25/23By: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 22 Eddie F's Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
Aug. 20 Brunswick Elks Car Show  No. 3By: Mark Freedman
Aug. 20 Brunswick Elks Car Show  No.2By: Bill Flavin
Aug. 20 Brunswick Elks Car Show  No. 1By: Paul Wick
Aug. 20 Albany Saratoga Speedway   8/18/23By: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 20 Clifton Park Elks Car Show  8/19/23By: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 19 Clifton Park ElksBy: CCS.com
Aug. 17 Terry Morris & Saugerties Antique Auto ClubBy: Paul Wick
Aug. 14 Little Big Fatz - Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
Aug. 13 Poestenkill Car ShowBy: CCS.com
Aug. 12 Albany Saratoga Speedway   8/11/23By: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 7 Richfiels Springs Car ShowBy: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 6 Westerlo Car ShowBy: CCS.com
Aug. 5 On The Farm & Cairo Town ParkBy: CCS.com
Aug. 2 AACA NationalBy: Paul Wick
July 30 Graveyarders July 2023By: Ed Sindoni
July 28 GNH Lumber Cruise - Tastee Treat - Cars & CoffeeBy: Paul Wick
July 23 White Wall Rama Car ShowBy: CCS.com
July 15 Schoharie Area AACABy: Paul Wick
July 19 Wind Chill Factory Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
July 16 Albany Saratoga Speedway   7-14-23By: Ed Sindoni
July 15 Drive for Inclusion &
Applebee's - Glenmont
By: Paul Wick
July 8 Special Olympics Car ShowBy: CCS.com
July 2 Albany Saratoga Speedway   6-30-23By: Ed Sindoni
July 1 GNH Lumber & Cairo Car Show
Applebee's - Glenmont
By: Paul Wick
July 1 Citreon's National Show at Ballston LakeBy: CCS.com
June 24 Albany Saratoga Speedway   6-23-23By: Ed Sindoni
June 22 Applebees & Tannersville By: Paul Wick
June 18 Dad Fest 2023
Ed has opened this album up so you can save any picture you want (right click on it and save to your computer)
By: Ed Sindoni
June 18 Dad Fest 2023 By: CCS.com
June 16 a T-Bird a T-Bucket & CCS.com at WTENBy: WTEN
June 16 Hemmings Cruise-InBy: Ed Sindoni
June 15 Vintage Cafe Car Show By: CCS.com
June 11 Wheels & Meals Car ShowBy: Ed Sindoni
June 11 Earlton Hill Campground &
Wheels & Meals Car Show
   205 resistered cars
By: Paul Wick
June 9 Averill Park Import & Domestic Car ShowBy: Jeff Brown
June 6 Cars & Canines & AG Fest Car ShowBy: Paul Wick
June 5 Malta Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
June 4 Cars & Coffee and VIP Corvette showBy: CCS.com
May 29 Albany Saratoga SpeedwayBy: Ed Sindoni
May 29 Musclemania Drag RacingBy: Ed Sindoni
May 29 Musclemania Car ShowBy: Ed Sindoni
May 27 Tom McCormick Memorial Car ShowBy: CCS.com
May 24 McDonalds Cruise-in
and the AACA Eastern Spring Nationals
By: Paul Wick
May 24 Eddie F's Cruise-InBy: Ed Sindoni
May 23 Cruise-In @ Eddie F'sBy: CCS.com
May 20 Cruise-In @ Verrillo Motor Car Co.By: CCS.com
May 14 Albany Saratoga SpeedwayBy: Ed Sindoni
May 13 Saratoga Auto Museum's Spring Auto ShowBy: CCS.com
May 12 Rhinebeck 2023By: Paul Wick
May 10 Wind Chill Factory Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
May 10 Eddie F's Cruise-In By: Ed Sindoni
May 9 Eddie F's Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
May 7 Cars & Coffee at Kevin Koval's Adirondack BasementBy: CCS.com
May 6 Steamer Car ShowBy: CCS.com
May 4 Spanish Springs Show     4/23/23By: Ed Sindoni
May 4 Sumter Landing Cruise     4/07/23By: Ed Sindoni
May 4 2023 Suncoast Mustangs     3/18/23By: Ed Sindoni
May 4 Imperial Mustangs       2/25/23By: Ed Sindoni
May 4 Lady Lake Christmas Parade      12/03/23By: Ed Sindoni
April 22 Big Truck Day at SaratogaBy: CCS.com
April 10 Cars & Coffee @ Porsche of MechanicvilleBy: Jonathan K
March 26 Land o' Lakes Florida show 2023By: Donnie Panthen
March 14 More car show pics from the "Sunshine State"By: The K Man
March 13 This & That in sunny FloridaBy: The K Man
March 6 Cape Fear AACA in Wilmington NCBy: Steve Hohneker
Jan. 19 Mecum Auction at Kissimmee FL - Part 2By: CCS.com
Jan. 11 Mecum Auction at Kissimmee FL - Part 1By: CCS.com
Dec. 18  The Villages 12/17/2022 By: Ed Sindoni
Nov. 26  Bond in Motion
at the Saratoga Automobile Museum
By: Donnie Panthen
Nov. 24  British Invasion
held at Sumpter Landing in The Villages hosted by the British Motoring Club. "James Bond" was there as well.
By: Ed Sindoni
Nov. 21  "Ponies Under the Palms"
Lakewood Ranch Mustang Club of West Central Florida
By: Ed Sindoni
Nov. 11 Mustang Club of TampaBy: Ed Sindoni
Nov. 3  East Kingston Volunteer Fire Co.By: Paul Wick
Oct.22  Siena'a CSA Car ShowBy: CCS.com
Oct. 22  CSA Car Show at SienaBy: Paul Wick