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Capital Car Shops
 (Nov. - April)

DATE2014 Car Show  PicturesLOCATION
October 26 AACA - Lake Square Mall in Leesburg FLBy: Ed Sindoni
October 20 Greenbush Inn Car Show  A TourBy: Donnie Panthen
October 19 Capital Car Shows v.1 - 1 Million HitsEast Greenbush
October 19 Capital Car Shows v.2- 1 Million HitsBy: Mark Freedman
October 19 Graveyarders Car ShowBy: Mark Freedman
October 17 Hershey PA 2014By: Ted Sweet
October 16 Hershey PA 2014  Car corralBy: Ted Sweet
October 15 Maple Ski Ridge Show & Festival   A TourBy: Donnie Panthen
October 12 The Way We Were Car ShowBallston Spa
October 11 Maple Ski Ridge Car Show & Fall FestivalSchenectady
October 10 and still more ... Harbor House October 5th Show By: Tuned Out Sunshine
October 6 VIP Fall Corvette Cruise at Eagle Mills CidermillBy: Tom Flowers
October 6 Harbor House Car Show v.3   A TourBy: Donnie Panthen
October 5 Harbor House Car Show v.2 By: Ed Sindoni
October 5 Harbor House Car Show v.1Clifton Park
October 5 A Tour: RTE Fore Cruise Night 2014 By: Donnie Panthen
October 4 Saratoga Automobile Museum fall bus trip to Boston Massachusetts
September 29 Tour the "28th Annual Autumn Leaves Show in Granville" By: Donnie Panthen
September 28 Capital Area RodsLebanon Valley
September 28 Hemmings Concours D'EleganceSaratoga
September 27 Car Shows Saturday September 27Capital District
September 26 Route 4 Driving Range and The EateryEast Greenbush
September 24 Leadfoot LucysAlbany
September 22 Pistons and Props 2014By: Donnie Panthen
September 21 Pistons and Props ShowScotia
September 20 Goold's Orchard "Golden Oldies Car Show"By: Donnie Panthen
September 20 Goold's Orchard "Golden Oldies Car Show"Castleton
September 18 All Camaro-Firebird Cruise-in at Harbor HouseBy: Donnie Panthen
September 15 Never 2 Late Car Show: Bristil, VTBy Mark Freedman
September 14 Altamont - Catskill - Bennington Car ShowsNY & VT
September 14 Browns Ford By: Ed Sindoni
September 9 Guptill's Cruise-InLatham
September 9 Guptill's Cruise-InBy: Donnie Panthen
September 9 Adirondack Nationals - SaturdayBy Mark Freedman
September 8 Guptill's Cruise-In By: Ed Sindoni
September 8 All Corvette Show with Adirondack CorvettesGlens Falls
September 7 All Corvette Cruise-In @ Harbor HouseClifton Park
September 6 Adirondack Nationals - SaturdayLake George
September 6 Adirondack Nationals - FridayLake George
September 5 Adirondack NationalsBy: Mark Freedman
September 5 Saratoga Auto Museum - Rally & Lunch at the Lake George ClubLake George
September 4 Adirondack Nationals - ThursdayLake George
September 3 Corvette Cruise-In @ Harbor HouseClifton Park
September 1 Limerock Park SpeedwaySalisbury CT
September 1 Colonial Inn Cruise Inn: GalwayBy: Don Lamb
August 31 Hemmings Motor News- MusclepalozzaLebanon Valley
August 30 Power In The Park   Troy By: Donnie Panthen
August 29 Harbor House Cruise-In  Clifton Park By: Ed Sindoni
August 27 Applebees Cruise-In Glenmont By: Ed Sindoni
August 25 Brunswick Elks Car ShowTroy
August 25 ACE "Under the Lights"Hudson Falls
August 24 Rats Nest (80 More)East Durham
August 24 Brunswick Elks Car ShowBy: Donnie Panthen
August 24 Metro Ford Show By: Ed Sindoni
August 23 Rats Nest (MANY more to follow)East Durham
August 22 O'Kenny's Cruise NightBy: Donnie Panthen
August 18 Bobby Arsenault Memorial Car ShowBy: Donnie Panthen
August 16 Auto Haus Car ShowBurnt Hills
August 16 Times Union Car ShowAlbany
August 15 Tastee Treat Cruise-InBy: Donnie Panthen
August 14 Pistons and Props: B-17 Bomber (The car show portion is re-scheduled)Scotia
August 13 Poestenkill Fire Dept. Car ShowBy: Donnie Panthen
August 11 Poestenkill Car ShowBy: Ted Sacawa
August 11 Guptill's Cruise InLatham
August 10 Mr Bill's 7th Annual Car Show PicsSo. Glens Falls
August 10 The Belairs Band at Harbor House By: Ed Sindoni
August 9 Ashdown Road Car Truck & Bike ShowBallston Lake
August 3 5th Annual Honor Our Vets ShowBy: Donnie Panthen
August 2 Honor Our Vets Car ShowAlbany VA Hospital
August 2 Saratoga / Hemmings Sposts & Exotic Car show By: Ed Sindoni
July 31 Night of FireLebanon Valley
July 31 Leadfoot Lucy's Cruise-In @ Kohl's Plaza ColonieBy: Donnie Panthen
July 30 Belairs Band at Talmadge Park Mechanicville (part 2)By: Donnie Panthen
July 30 Belairs Band at Talmadge Park (part 1) By: Ed Sindoni
July 27 Adirondack A's at Jack Byrnes (stake bed truck updated)Mechanicville
July 27 Pittsfield Car ShowTroy
July 27 Hot Rod's on the HudsonTroy
July 25 Frosty Acres Campground Car ShowBy: Donnie Panthen
July 25 Guptill's - FridayLatham
July 25 A fun fish fry cruise night ! (at Harbor House)By: Donnie Panthen
July 20 Columbia Cruisers & Schoharie AACA shows downstate
July 20 Mustang 50th in Halfmoon By: Ed Sindoni
July 19 Moxie Festival Car Show By: Andrew DiPalma
July 19 Syracuse Nationals: SaturdayFairgrounds
July 19 Syracuse Nationals: FridayFairgrounds
July 19 NHMS Cup By: Ed Sindoni
July 17 Harbor House Cruise-In By: Ed Sindoni
July 16 NHMS - Nationwide By: Ed Sindoni
July 16 NHMS - K&N Pro Series By: Ed Sindoni
July 16 Mr. Bill's Cruise - InSo. Glens Falls
July 16 More Curtis Lumber Car ShowBallston Spa
July 15 ALL STAR race on Friday & 100 lap event Saturday By: Ed Sindoni
July 15 This is the beginning of every NASCAR racing weekend. By: Ed Sindoni
July 14 Guptill's Cruise - InLatham
July 13 Curtis Lumber Car ShowBallston Spa
July 13 National Collector Car Appreciation Day @ HemmingsBy: Donnie Panthen
July 13 All Corvette Show at Harbor House (with statistics and winners)Clifton Park
July 12 Corvettes at Harbor HouseBy: Donnie Panthen
July 12 More Hemmings PhotosBy: Mark Freedman
July 6 Hemmings Cruise-InBennington
July 11 Cadillac Show Lake George
July 11 The Belairs Band at Halfmoon Town Park (Athletic field)By: Donnie Panthen
July 7 Sawyer Motors Car Show #2By: Mark Freedman
July 6 Sawyer Motors Car Show #1Saugerties
July 5 Sears Car Show #2 Albany
July 5 Sears Car Show #1 By: Mark Freedman
July 4 Saratoga's All American Celebration Car Show Congress Park, Saratoga
July 3 Rods and Roses Classic Cars Show Carpinteria, California
June 29 Capitol Area Rods: Show / Swap / Drags Lebanon Valley
June 29 All Mustang Cruise-In Saratoga Museum
June 28 Tastee Treat Show Slingerlands
June 28 Tastee Treat Ice Cream Car ShowBy: Mark Freedman
June 27 Hemmings Cruise-In By: Ed Sindoni
June 26 Hemmings Cruise-In Bennington
June 26 WC's Auto Repair: 1959 MG in restoration Scotia
June 25 Poppy's Ice Cream Cruise-InBy: Donnie Panthen
June 24 Juicy Burger Cruise-InBy: Donnie Panthen
June 23 OMG - Even MORE at the Colonie Elks CDCC ShowBy: Donnie Panthen
June 23 MORE a LOT more of the CDCC Car ShowBy: Mark Freedman
June 22 "The Great Race" a MUST see! By: Ed Sindoni
June 22 Capital District Chevrolet Club Latham
June 21 More Motor Mania @ the Fairgrounds Schaighticoke
June 21 Corvettes at Saratoga Auto Museum Saratoga
June 21 More Ballons & Motor Mania By: Mark Freedman
June 20 Saratoga Balloon Fest Saratoga Fairgrounds
June 20 Harbor House Fish Fry "Full House"By: Ed Sindoni
June 19 Vintage Cafe 250 cars "maxed out"Johnstown
June 18 Mr. Bill's Cruise-InSo. Glens Falls
June 17 Poppy's Ice Cream Cruise-InSchenectady
June 17 Cruzin on the Avenue - Scotia By: Donnie Panthen
June 16 Juicy BurgerBy: Ed Sindoni
June 15 Blackthorne Resort Corvette ShowEast Durham
June 15 Cruzin on the AvenueSCotia
June 14 NCRS Western Chapter Judging MeetCanandaigua
June 14 Automobilists of the Upper Hudson ValleyBy: Ed Sindoni
June 14 Upstate Buick Club Cruise-In to SummerBy: Donnie Panthen
June 11 Big Dipper Cruise-InBy: Donnie Panthen
June 10 PJ's Saratoga
June 10 Guptill's No. 2By: Ed Sindoni
June 9 Guptill's No. 1Latham
June 9 ACE Car Show at Crandall ParkBy: Donnie Panthen
June 9 Cambridge Balloon Festival & Car ShowBy: Donnie Panthen
June 7 Race Car ShowWappingers Falls
June 7 OKenny's Express Show with ST JudeValatie
June 8 Cambridge Car ShowBy: Mark Freedman
June 7 Vettes in PerfectionBallston Lake
June 5 Harbor House Cruise-InClifton Park
June 4 Pontiac Buick Oldsmobile Cruise-In @ Harbor HouseBy: Mark Freedman
June 2 Colonie Elks Cruise-InBy: Donnie Panthen
June 2 Colonie Elks Cruise-InLatham
June 2 Juicy Burger Cruise-InGuilderland
June 1 Columbia Car Club Car ShowBy: Donnie Panthen
June 1 Greenwich Economic Development Group Car ShowBy: Ed Sindoni
June 1 Greenwich Economic Development Group Car ShowGreenwich
June 1 General Schuyler Emergency Squad Car ShowSaratoga
June 1 Tamarac Plaza Car ShowBy: Mark Freedman
May 31 Tamarac Plaza Car ShowTroy
May 29 Harbor House Fish Fry .. A Full House + By: Ed Sindoni
May 27 Musclepalooza XIX  Album #4By: Donnie Panthen
May 27 Musclepalooza XIX  Album #3By: Donnie Panthen
May 25 Musclepalooza XIX  Album #2Lebanon Valley Dragway
May 25 Musclepalooza XIX  Album #1By: Mark Freedman
May 21 Mr. Bill's Cruise-In By: Mark Freedman
May 20 PJ's Cruise-In By: Mark Freedman
May 20 Furlong's Cruise-In Saratoga
May 18 Jack Byrne Car show by Adirondack Shelby Mustang ClubBy: Donnie Panthen
May 18 Car Show with the "Muscle" ???
May 18 Jack Byrne Car Show By: Ed Sindoni
May 18 OKenny's Express over 250 cars!!Valatie
May 18 Brunswick Walmart Car ShowTroy
May 18 Saratoga Auto Show and more nice pics...By: Donnie Panthen
May 17 Saratoga Automobile Museum's Spring Car ShowSaratoga
May 17 Hemmings Motor News By: Mark Freedman
May 15 National Corvette MuseumBy: Donnie Panthen
May 14 Mr. Bill's Car Hop ... first cruise-InGlens Falls
May 12 Pep Boys Car ShowBy: Donnie Panthen
May 10 Albany Tulip FestivalAlbany
May 10 Stillwater Car ShowBy: Mark Freedman
May 10 St Stephens Car ShowAlbany
May 7 Leadfoot Lucy's first cruise ... 100 cars Albany
May 4 Rheinbeck Day No.3 Classics (and one late model)Rheinbeck
May 2 Rheinbeck Day No.1 just swap meet vendorsRheinbeck
April 29 Cruisin the Park ShowBy: Donnie Panthen
April 29 Cox Chevrolet All GM By: Donnie Panthen
April 26 St Jude School Car ShowWynantskill
April 25 Another QSL Nite, FL By: Donnie Panthen