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Capital Car Shops
 (Nov. - April)
Oct.22  Siena'a CSA Car ShowBy: CCS.com
Oct. 22  CSA Car Show at SienaBy: Paul Wick
Oct. 21  Mills Mansion - A Gathering of Old CarsBy: Paul Wick
Oct. 15 Cars & Coffee @ Clifton Park CenterBy: Ed Sindoni
Oct.15  Cars & Coffee at CC Mall & Canal St. Station Car ShowBy: CCS.com
Oct. 13  Hershey 2022 (Part 2)By: Paul Wick
Oct. 13  Hershey 2022 (Part 1)By: Paul Wick
Oct. 10 Sophies IIBy: Ed Sindoni
Oct. 10 Kreepfest 2022 By: Ed Sindoni
Oct.10  Maple Ski Ridge Car ShowBy: CCS.com
Oct. 2 Hudson Shores
Ed pulled the copyright off this album so you can right click on the image and save it or you can save the page
By: Ed Sindoni
Oct.2  Cohoes Car ShowBy: CCS.com
Oct. 1  Watervliet Hudson Shores ParkBy: CCS.com
Sept. 30 Harbor House 2022 FinaleBy: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 28  Tannersville Car ShowBy: Paul Wick
Sept. 25 Liberty Ridge Car ShowBy: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 25 Albany Saratoga SpeedwayBy: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 25  Liberty Ridge Car ShowBy: CCS.com
Sept. 24  Saratoga Motorcar AuctionBy: CCS.com
Sept. 21 Curtis Lumber Show Winners By: Curtis Lumber
Sept. 19 Helping Our VetsBy: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 18  Helping Our Vets Car Show Sun. 1976-2022By: CCS.com
Sept. 17  Helping Our Vets Car Show  Sat. 1900-1975By: Paul Wick
Sept. 15  Calling Of The NamesBy: Jonathan Kipp
Sept. 11  Curtis Lumber Car ShowBy: Paul Wick
Sept. 11 Schoharie FD By: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 10  Adirondack Nationals 2022By: CCS.com
Sept. 9  Harbor House Cruise-InBy: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 8  Hartwick HighlandsBy: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 8  Albany Saratoga SpeedwayBy: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 6  Drag Racing at Muscle Mania Lebanon ValleyBy: Jonathan Kipp
Sept. 6  Muscle Mania Lebanon ValleyBy: Jonathan Kipp
Sept. 3  Wind Chill Factory Car ShowBy: CCS.com
Sept. 1  Harbor House Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
Aug. 29  Motorama - N. Adams MABy: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 27  Quick Response Car ShowBy: CCS.com
Aug. 27  Wheels and Meals Show at Quick Response By: Mark Freednman
Aug. 27  Wheels and Meals Car Show at Quick ResponseBy: Paul Wick
Aug. 25  Corvette Z06 at Mohawk Chevy & Harbor House Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
Aug. 22  Brunswick Elks Car ShowBy: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 22  Lazzaro's at Brunswick ElksBy: CCS.com
Aug. 21   Brunswick Elks Car Show By: Mark Freednman
Aug. 21  Clifton Park Elks & Brunswick Elks Car Shows By: Paul Wick
Aug. 20  Clifton Park ElksBy: CCS.com
Aug. 17  Riedlbauer's Rodtoberfest, Cairo Cruise Nite, Westerlo, Applebees, Morris Ford, & Cantine Field
WARNING! 713 Pictures
By: Paul Wick
Aug. 15    Terry Morris Car Show with the ASMC     By: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 13  Street Meet in VlietBy: Jonathan Kipp
Aug. 13  Budweiser Clydesdale Horses &
Adirondack Mustang Shelby Club "Horses"
By: CCS.com
Aug. 11  Harbor House Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
Aug. 8  Ozoner Drive-In Car ShowBy: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 8  Albany Saratoga SpeedwayBy: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 7  Capital District Chevy Club Car ShowBy: CCS.com
Aug. 6  Angelo Canna Town Park Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
Aug. 6  Saratoga Auto Museum Car Show By: CCS.com
Aug. 2    Mustang Club of America in Buffalo July 29-31
300+ Mustangs for display, judging, and riding
By: Ed Sindoni
July 31  Collar City Cars & Caffeine July MeetBy: Jonathan Kipp
July 31  Shermans Park Car Show By: Mark Freedman
July 30  Sherman's Park Car Show By: CCS.com
July 26  Mid Hudson Mustang - AACA at Blenheim - GNH Lumber By: Paul Wick
July 19  All Classics Car Show By: CCS.com
July 17  TJ's Flightline Pub Cars & Coffee By: Jonathan Kipp
July 17  Hudson Valley MustangsBy: Ed Sindoni
July 17  All Classics Car Show By: Mark Freedman
July 16  Goldsteins All MOPAR ShowBy: Jonathan Kipp
July 16  Veterans Time to Thrive Car ShowBy: Jonathan Kipp
July 16  Dad Fest Car ShowBy: Jonathan Kipp
July 16  Mohawk Chevrolet Car ShowBy: Jonathan Kipp
July 14  Harbor House Cruise-In By: CCS.com
July 13  Lia Nissan Car Show (fourth album)By: Linda Tommasulo
July 11  Albany Saratoga Speedway By: Ed Sindoni
July 11  All MOPAR at Goldstein By: Mark Freedman
July 10  All MOPAR at Goldstein By: CCS.com
July 10  Lia Nissan Car Show (third album)By: Ed Sindoni
July 9  Lia Nissan Car Show (second adbum)By: Mark Freedman
July 9  Kaleidoscope Car ShowBy: Mark Freedman
July 9  Lia Nissan Car Show (first album)By: CCS.com
July 7  Hemmings Cruise-InBy: Ed Sindoni
July 7  Angelo Canna Park + Applebee's + O'Reilly'sBy: Paul Wick
July 2  O'Reilly's Car Show & DJ Andy's Corvette LaunchBy: CCS.com
July 1  Harbor House Cruise-InBy: Ed Sindoni
June 30  PJ's BBQ & Harbor House Cruise-In'sBy: CCS.com
June 26  Cruise-In for ColitisBy: Ed Sindoni
June 26  Albany Saratoga Friday Super Dirt Car series
for modifieds (71 lap main event)
By: Ed Sindoni
June 25  Cruise-IN for Colitis & Lanzi's on the LakeBy: CCS.com
June 24  GNH Lumber Cruise-In By: Paul Wick
June 24   Buick Cruise-In to SummerBy: Paul Wick
June 24   Applebee's Cruise-In & Tannersville By: Paul Wick
June 20  Dad Fest Car ShowBy: Ed Sindoni
June 19  Route 66 at Quick ResponseBy: Jonathan K
June 19  Dad Fest in Washington ParkBy: Mark Freedman
June 14  Rollin Route 66 Show & Applebee's Cruise-InBy: Paul Wick
June 13  Malta Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
June 13  Albany Saratoga Friday, June 10 By: Ed Sindoni
June 13  Route 66 - Quick Response By: Ed Sindoni
June 12  New Country Porsche Cars, Coffee and UnveilingsBy: Jonathan K
June 12  Corvettes & Camaros at Mohawk ChevroletBy: CCS.com
June 11  Rollin Route 66 at Quick ResponseBy: Mark Freedman
June 5  Lime Rock Park Paddock areaBy: Jonathan K
June 5  Cars and Coffee at TJ's FlightlineBy: Jonathan K
June 5  Tom McCormick Memorial Car ShowBy: CCS.con
June 4  Averill Park High School By: Ed Sindoni
June 4  VIP Corvettes & Cambridge Lions ClubBy: CCS.con
June 2  Lime Rock Park SVRA parking areasBy: Jonathan K
May 30  Lebanon Valley's MusclepaloosaBy: Jonathan K
May 29  1945 Cars and Coffee Season OpenerBy: Jonathan K
May 22  Lebanon Valley MusclepaloosaBy: CCS.con
May 28  Colonie High Car ShowEd Sindoni
May 26  Colonie Central High Show & Harbor House Cruise-InCCS.com
May 22  The Pines Car Show- GloversvilleEd Sindoni
May 22  Electric City GTO's Cars & CoffeeBy: CCS.con
May 21  Verrillo's Cars & CoffeeBy: CCS.con
May 21     Albany Saratoga Speedway 5/20/22By: Ed Sindoni
May 17  Kaleidoscope Cafe Cruise-InBy: Mark Freedman
May 14  Saratoga Auto Museum's Spring ShowBy: CCS.com
May 12  Leadfoot Lucy's Cruise-In  196 carsBy: Mark Freedman
May 11 Route 66 Cruise-InBy: K Man
May 11  Leadfoot Lucy's Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
May 8 Rhinebeck Car ShowBy: Mark Freedman
May 1 Steamer Car Show at Stillwater Central School No. 2By: Jonathan K
May 1  Steamer Car Show at Stillwater Central School No. 1By: Mark Freedman
April 25  New Country Porsche Cars and CoffeeBy: Jonathan K
April 25  Northeast Acura Cars and CoffeeBy: Jonathan K
April 12  Cruiser Of The Week   Rich HallidayBy: CCS.com
April 12 Rumble 2 Belleair FLBy: Donnie Panthen
April 5  The Villages in the Sumpter Landing Square FLBy: Ed Sindoni
April 3 Florida Car ShowsBy: K Man
March 26  Cruiser Of The Week   Paul NollesBy: CCS.com
March 20 Wesley Chapel CampgroundBy: Ed Sindoni
March 19  Cruiser Of The Week   Paul SutherlandBy: CCS.com
March 12  Cruiser Of The Week   Simone ZalewskiBy: CCS.com
March 9  Calvacade of Cars at Hamburg NYBy: Cliff Costello
March 6 Angela's QSL car show 3.5.22 FL.By: Donnie Panthen
March 4  Cruiser Of The WeekBy: CCS.com
Feb. 27  *************     Imperial Mustangs of Polk (FL) County By: Ed Sindoni
Feb. 23     2022 Daytona 500By: Donnie Panthen
Feb. 21 Volusia Speedway Park (FL)
Dirt Modofied   02-19-2022
By: Ed Sindoni
Wayback Photo's  
Feb. 20
Halfmoon Car Show    2014By: CCS.com
Feb. 14  Local Shows in "Sunny & Warm" FloridaBy: K Man
Feb. 13  Snowbird Nationals at Bradenton DragsBy: K Man
Wayback Photo's  
Feb. 6
Curtis Lumber Car Show    2011By: CCS.com
Jan. 31 Sea Dog Cantina car show 2022   Ja. 30 By: Donnie Panthen
Wayback Photo's  
Jan. 27
Saratoga Car Show    2016By: CCS.com
Jan. 23  *************     Mecum 2022     Part 3 of 3By: Ed Sindoni
Jan. 22  Market of Marion   Overcast and 48 - BRRRRBy: Ed Sindoni
Jan. 11  *************     Mecum 2022     Part 2 of 3By: Ed Sindoni
Jan. 10  *********     Mecum 2022     Part 1 of 3By: Ed Sindoni