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Capital Car Shops
 (Nov. - April)

Oct. 11   OKenny's Car Show   Oct. 10By: Ed Sindoni
Oct. 10 Cruise In Stiles Car Show   Oct. 9 By: Donnie Panthen
Oct. 10 The Way We Were Car Show   Oct. 10 By: CCS.com
Oct. 3 CSA - Siena Car Show   Oct. 3 By: CCS.com
Oct. 3 CSA - Siena Car Show   Oct. 3By: Paul Wick
Oct. 3   Siena (CSA) Car Show   Oct. 3By: Ed Sindoni
Oct. 1   Harbor House Car Show - final   Sept. 26By: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 29 Goldstein Car Show   Sept. 25By: Paul Wick
Sept. 29 Tannersville Car Show   Sept. 26By: Paul Wick
Sept. 27  ******** Liberty Ridge Car Show ********   Sept. 26By: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 26 ******** 2nd Annual Liberty Ridge Car Show ********By: Mark Freedman
Sept. 22 Leadfoot Lucy's Cruise-In   Sept. 22 By: CCS.com
Sept. 20   Dover Show at the Valley   By: K-MAN
Sept. 19 Brunswick Elks 2021   9/19/21
  MANY +++ pics! 
By: Mark Freedman
Sept. 19 Mohawk Honda Cars & Coffee   Sept. 18 By: Johnathan K.
Sept. 19 31st Annual Truck Show at Ballston Spa   Sept. 18 By: Johnathan K.
Sept. 19 Brunswick Elks 2021   Sept. 19 By: CCS.com
Sept. 18 Truck Show at Saratoga Fairgrounds   Sept. 18 By: CCS.com
Sept. 17 Harbor House   Sept. 16 By: CCS.com
Sept. 15   Adirondack Nationals    By: K-MAN
Sept. 13 Curtis Lumber ... yet again   Sept. 12 By: CCS.com
Sept. 13  Curtis Lumber car show Winners
Names / Vehicle / Award
  Sept. 12
By: Curtis Lumber
Sept. 13  Curtis Lumber Car Show pictures   (916 pics) Sept. 12By: Curtis Lumber
Sept. 13  Handcock MA  Sept. 12By: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 13 Adirondack Nationals Fri. & Sat.   Sept. 10 &11 By: CCS.com
Sept. 12 Curtis Lumber Car Show   Sept. 12By: Paul Wick
Sept. 11 Adirondack Nationals - Saturday   9/11/21
  380 + pics! 
By: Mark Freedman
Sept. 10 Adirondack Nationals - Friday   9/10/21
  450 + pics! 
By: Mark Freedman
Sept. 9  Harbor House Cruise-In  Sept. 9By: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 6  Musclemania Drags  Sept. 5By: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 5 Quick Response Car Show   9/04/21
  6oo + pics! 
By: Mark Freedman
Sept. 4  Quick Response Car Show  Sept. 4By: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 4 Wheels & Meals Car Show at Quick Response   Sept. 4By: Paul Wick
Sept. 4 Wheels & Meals Car Show   Sept. 4By: CCS.com
August 30  Helping Our Vets Car Show  8/29/21By: Ed Sindoni
August 30  Helping Our Vets Car Show   8/29/21
  1,ooo + pics! 
By: Mark Freedman
August 26  Harbor House  8/26/21By: Ed Sindoni
August 25 Mr. Bill's Cruise-In   Aug. 25By: CCS.com
August 21 Verrillo Motor Car - Cars & Coffee   Aug. 21By: CCS.com
August 16  Metro Ford Dealer Day  8/15/21By: Ed Sindoni
August 16  Horsepower meets Horsepower
Cruise-in Stockbridge, MA
By: Mark Freedman
August 15 Metro Ford & Clifton Park Elks   Aug. 15By: CCS.com
August 12  Saugerties Car Show  8/08/21By: Paul Wick
August 12  Cairo Cruise Nite  8/07/21By: Paul Wick
August 12  Westerlo Car Show   8/01/21By: Paul Wick
August 9  Malta Cruise-In   8/09/21By: Ed Sindoni
August 9  Saratoga Raceway  8/9/21By: Mark Freedman
August 9 Malta Cruise-In   Aug. 9By: CCS.com
August 9  Poestenkill Car Show  8/8/21The K-Man is back!!!
August 8  All Corvettes & Chevrolet Car Show  8/8/21By: Mark Freedman
August 8 All Corvette & Chevrolet Show   Aug. 8By: CCS.com
August 7 Saratoga Auto Museum Show   Aug. 7By: CCS.com
August 5 Shermans Park Car Show Drone Coverage   FacebookBy: Bill Trojan
August 5 Harbor House Cruise In   Aug. 5By: CCS.com
August 4 Mr Bill's Cruise In   Aug. 5By: CCS.com
August 4  OKenny's Cruise-In  7/31/21By: Ed Sindoni
August 1  Richfield Springs  8/01/21By: Ed Sindoni
August 1 Capital District Chevrolet Car Show   Aug. 1By: CCS.com
August 1  Shermans Park Car Show No. 3  7/31/21By: Mark Freedman
July 31  Graveyarders  7/31/21By: Ed Sindoni
July 31 Shermans Park Car Show No. 2   WatphotoBy: Bill Trojan
July 31 Shermans Park Car Show No. 1   161 Registered CarsBy: CCS.com
July 24 Chatham Fairgrounds   7/24/21By: Paul Wick
July 23 AACA at New York Power Authority   7/18/21By: Paul Wick
July 22 High Rollers - Amsterdam   7/22/21By: CCS.com
July 22  Harbor House  7/22/21By: Ed Sindoni
July 18 Couple of car guys Frank Tom & Mark    FloridaBy: Mark Freedman
July 15 Harbor House   7/15/21By: CCS.com
July 12  Schoharie Crossing  7/12/21By: Ed Sindoni
July 11 New Era Car Show Car Show  7/11/21By: CCS.com
July 10 Westmere Fire Car Show  7/10/21By: Paul Wick
July 7 Mr Bill's Cruise-In  7/07/21By: CCS.com
June 27  Cars & Coffee - Troy  6/27/21By: CCS.com
June 26  Cruise-In to Summer with the Buick Club  6/20/21By: CCS.com
June 26  Pontiacs at Saratoga   6/26/21By: Ed Sindoni
June 24  Harbor House Cruise-In   6/24/21By: Ed Sindoni
June 24   ****** AACA ******
Eastern Spring Nationals - Saratoga
By: Paul Wick
June 24   ****** Antique Car Club of America ******
Eastern Spring Nationals - Saratoga
By: John Cody
June 21  Crisp Cannoli Car Show   6/20/21By: The K Man
June 20  Dad Fest Car Show   6/20/21By: Ed Sindoni
June 20  Dad Fest Car Show  6/20/21By: CCS.com
June 19  Verrillo's Cars & Coffee - Cars for Cancer Show
Antique Auto Club of America at Saratoga
By: CCS.com
June 18  Harbor House Cruise-In Part 2  6/17/21By: Ed Sindoni
June 17  Harbor House Cruise-In Part 1  6/17/21By: CCS.com
June 16  Talmadge Park   6/15/21By: Ed Sindoni
June 13  Cars & Coffee at Clifton Park Center Mall  6/13/21By: CCS.com
June 12  Supercars in the Park - Saratoga  6/12/21By: CCS.com
June 10  Harbor House Cruise-In   6/10/21By: Ed Sindoni
June 9  Earlton Hill Pig Roast and Car Show   6/05/21By: Paul Wick
June 5  VIP Corvette Show & Car and Bike Show   6/05/21By: CCS.com
May 30 Miller Motorcars Presents Pagani HuayraBy: Jonathon K.
May 27  Colonie High Car Show   5/27/21By: Ed Sindoni
May 22  Maple in April  HadleyBy: Jonathon K.
May 21  Harbor House Cruise-In  5/20/21By: Ed Sindoni
May 20  Harbor House Cruise-In  5/20/21By: CCS.com
May 19  Mr Bill's Cruise-In  5/19/21By: CCS.com
May 16  Cars & Coffee at Mohawk Honda   5/16/21By: CCS.com
May 15  Saratoga Museum's Show   5/15/21By: CCS.com
May 15  Saratoga Auto Museum's Spring ShowBy: Ed Sindoni
May 13  Harbor HouseBy: Ed Sindoni
May 12  Leadfoot Lucys Cruise-In   5/12/21By: CCS.com
May 10  Malta Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
May 1  50's on Main Street, LeesburgBy: Ed Sindoni