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Oct. 15 Mill - Cars & Coffee By: Ed Sindoni
Oct. 14 The Mill on Round LakeBy:
Oct. 13 Great work at Lazzaro's Autobody!By:
Oct. 10 " Special Cars"By:
Oct. 7 ******** Drone coverage   O Kenny's Express Car Show   Still shots too *******By: Ed Cliff Costello
Oct. 6 Maple Ski Ridge Car Show No. 2By: Mark Freedman
Oct. 6 Maple Ski Ridge Car ShowBy:
Oct. 1 YMCA Car Show - album No. 2  (534 pics)By: Mark Freedman
Sept. 30 ********  Dock Browns Show Drone coverage   *******By: Ed Cliff Costello
Sept. 30 Dock Browns Show album No. 3 By: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 30 OPEN Car Show @ the YMCABy:
Sept. 29 Dock Browns Show album No. 2By:
Sept. 29 Dock Browns Car Show  (514 pics)By: Mark Freedman
Sept. 27 Harbor House Cruise-InBy:
Sept. 26 Dover Dragstrip Nostalgia Drags & Show   134 GREAT PICTURES!By: K-MAN
Sept. 23 Dover Dragstrip Nostalgia Drags & Show at Lebannon ValleyBy:
Sept. 22 Antique Truck ShowBy:
Sept. 21 Saratoga Auto Auction - Friday By:
Sept. 20 Harbor House By: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 20 Saratoga Auto Auction - Thursday Preview By: Mark Freedman
Sept. 19 Saratoga Auto Auction - Wednesday Preview > Part 2 By:
Sept.19 Leadfoot Lucy'sBy: Jonathon K.
Sept. 19 Saratoga Auto Auction - Wednesday Preview > Part 1 By:
Sept. 18 Mr. Bill's Finale By: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 18 Mr Bill's Cruise-InBy:
Sept. 16 Corvette - Times Union - Coluimbia - Bennington Car ShowsBy:
Sept. 16 Goold Orchard's "Golden Oldies Car Show"   631 picsBy: Mark Freedman
Sept. 16 Hemmings @ Lake George By: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 15 Goold Orchard Car Show By:
Sept. 13 Harbor HouseBy:
Sept.13 Adirondack Nationals - Cruise Shots   Album No. "7"By: Jonathon K.
Sept. 12 Curtis Lumber Car Show - Winners By: ----
Sept. 11 Curtis Lumber Car Show   1,000 + picturesBy: ----
Sept. 11 Curtis Lumber Car Show Drone coverage  Use "Full Screen"By: ----
Sept. 6 Adirondack Nationals  Album No. 6By: Mark Freedman
Sept. 9 ~~~~~>  Curtis Lumber Car Truck and Jeep Show   <~~~~~By:
Sept. 8 Saturday  Adirondack Nationals  Album No. 5By: K-MAN
Sept. 8 Saturday   Adirondack Nationals  Album No. 4By:
Sept. 8 Friday   Adirondack Nationals  Album No. 3By: Mark Freedman
Sept. 7 Friday   Adirondack Nationals  Album No. 2By:
Sept. 6 Thursday   Adirondack Nationals  Album No. 1By: Mark Freedman
Sept. 5 Mark found them!   Bugatti's in SaratogaBy: Mark Freedman
Sept. 4 PJ's Bar B Que and Mr. Bill's By:
Sept. 4 Musclepalooza Album No. 4 By: K-MAN
Sept.3 Dealer Day at Metro FordBy: Erin Kipp
Sept.3 GraveyardersBy: Erin Kipp
Sept.3 Under the Lights Car ShowBy: Erin Kipp
Sept.3 PJ's Bar B Que - Cruise-InBy: Erin Kipp
Sept.3 Musclepalooza - Album #3By: Erin Kipp
Sept.2 Unobtanium Incorporated Open House Sights By: Jonathon K.
Sept.2 Musclepalooza - Album #2 By: Jonathon K.
Sept. 2 Harbor House Album No. 3 By: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 2 Harbor House Album No. 2 By: Mark Freedman
Sept. 2 Musclepallozza 2018 - Sept. Album No. 1 By:
Sept. 1 Harbor House Album No. 1 By:
Aug. 30 Harbor HouseBy: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 30 Tastee Treat & Harbor House By:
Aug. 30 Dino Petrocelliís 2nd Annual Bike Night By: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 29 Leadfoot Lucy's By:
Aug. 29 Moto Coffee Machine Restaurant By: Jonathon K.
Aug. 28 More Mr Bill'sBy: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 28 Mr Bill's Ballston Spa By:
Aug. 26 Lazzaro's Brunswick Elk's Car Show - #2 By:
Aug. 26 Lazzaro's Brunswick Elks Car ShowBy: Mark Freedeman
Aug. 26 Adirondack A'sBy: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 26 Dealer Day at Metro Fored - Schenectady By: Jonathon K.
Aug. 26 Under the Lights by ACE Car Club By: Jonathon K.
Aug. 26 Metro Car Show by Adirondack Shelby Mustang ClubBy: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 25 Metro Ford and Saratoga Elks By:
Aug. 24 Mr Bill's Part 2By: Mark Freedeman
Aug. 24 Mr Bill's Car Show By:
Aug. 23 Hemmings Cruise-In By:
Aug. 21 OKennys's and Mr Bill's Cruise-In By:
Aug. 21 Pocono Indy Cars 2018 By: K-MAN
Aug. 19 Dairy Haus & H.O.P.E. Car ShowBy: Mark Freedeman
Aug. 19 Dairy Haus By:
Aug. 18 Hummingbird Hills Winery Car ShowBy: Mark Freedeman
Aug. 18 Bobby Arsenault Memorial Event By:
Aug. 17 Harbor House Cruise-InBy: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 16 Walmart / Bernard & Millie Duker Childrens Hospital Car ShowBy: Mark Freedeman
Aug. 15 Walmart - Amsterdam By:
Aug. 13 Poestenkill Car ShowBy: Mark Freedeman
Aug. 12 Cars and Coffee By: Jonathon K.
Aug. 12 Tuners in the Park By: Jonathon K.
Aug. 10 Tastee TreatBy: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 6 Honor Our Vets #3By: K-MAN
Aug. 6 Albany Saratoga Speedway ShowBy: Ed Sindoni
Aug. 5 Honor Our Vets 2018By: Ira Goldstein
Aug. 5 New Wave Cruisers - Albany Saratoga Speedway
Honor Our Vets Car & Motorcycle Shows
July 31 Mr Bill's Cruise-In Ballston Spa By:
July 31 Car Guys tell their story to the newspaper in Cohoes
Meaningfull to all car collectors !!!
By: Joseph Phelan
July 29 Cohoes Proud Car Show #3By: Ed Sindoni
July 29 Cohoes Proud Car Show #2   500+ picsBy: Mark Freedeman
July 29 Cohoes Proud Car Show #1 By:
July 29 518 Collision Car Show By: Jonathon K.
July 29 Graveyarders Burnout Competition By: Jonathon K.
July 29 Graveyarders By: Jonathon K.
July 28 British Cars Invade By: Ed Sindoni
July 28 Graveyarders By:
July 26 Hemmings Cruise-In   7/26/18By:
July 23 Saratoga Center Rehab and Skilled Nursing CareBy: Jonathan K.
July 23 Cars On The Common - Pittsfield MA   "GR8 Location"By:
July 22 Saratoga Center By: Ed Sindoni
July 22 More Syracuse Nationals... By:
July 21 Syracuse Nationals -> Friday 7-20-18   1,067 Pictures!By: Mark Freedeman
July 19 Harbor House By: Ed Sindoni
July 18 GNH Cruise-In - GreenvilleBy:
July 15 Schoharie Valley Region Car ShowBy: Mark Freedeman
July 15 Fonda Car Show and North Blenheim - AACABy:
July 15 Schoharie AACA By: Ed Sindoni
July 14 Copake Car ShowBy:
July 14 Cars & Coffee at Clifton Park PorscheBy: Jonathan K.
July 14 Hemmings Cruise-InBy: Mark Freedeman
July 13 National Car Collector Appreciation Day -  @ HemmingsBy: Ed Sindoni
July 13 Pizza Hut Cruise-In - JohnstownBy:
July 12 Tastee Treat and Harbor House - By:
July 12 Harbor House Cruise-In -   7/12/18By: Ed Sindoni
July 11 Harbor House -> Camaro - Firebird - Chevelle - GTO -   7-11-18By:
July 10 Mr Bill's Cruise-In - Ballston Spa By: Ed Sindoni
July 10 Guptill's Cruise-In By: Ed Sindoni
July 9 Goldstein's MOPAR & Jeep SHOW  686 Pics!By: Mark Freedeman
July 8 Goldstein's MOPAR & Jeep ShowBy:
July 8 Ford booth at the GlenBy: Jonathan K.
July 8 Paddock area at the GlenBy: Jonathan K.
July 8 Track scenes at the GlenBy: Jonathan K.
July 7 Gavin ParkBy: Mark Freedeman
July 7 Wilton Bicentennial By: Ed Sindoni
July 6 North Hoosick Fire Dept. Car ShowBy:
July 6 Lambo's at the GlenBy: Jonathan K.
July 3 Mr Bill's Cruise-In   7-03-18By:
July 1 American Legion #3 By: Ed Sindoni
July 1 American Legion Post #70By: Mark Freedeman
July 1 American Legion Car ShowBy:
June 30 Lanzi's On The LakeBy: Mark Freedeman
June 27 Applebee's Glenmont Cruise-InBy: Ira Goldstein
June 26 PJ's BBQ & Mr Bill's Cruise-InBy:
June 25         The Great Race 2018 - Bennington          By: Ed Sindoni
June 24         The Great Race 2018 - Troy          By: Mark Freedman
June 24 Capital District Chevrolet Car Club showBy:
June 22 Harbor House Cruise-In By: Ed Sindoni
June 21 Hemmings Cruise-InBy:
June 20 GNH Lumber in Greenville and Leadfoot Lucys in ColonieBy:
June 20  Tribute to the all american hot rod ... The Hi boys
Hey Wayne Chandler - where were you in this shot? Many outa state plates here!
June 18       Yet more Dad Fest        By: Ed Sindoni
June 18 Dad Fest in Washington Park - Albany
Complete album - all cars at Dad Fest for your printing or downloading
By: ---
June 18 Dad Fest Awards
for your printing or downloading
By: ---
June 17       Mizner Park, FL - Car Show Over 100's Beautiful CarsBy: Mark Freedeman
June 17 2018 CitroŽn RendezvousBy: Ira Goldstein
June 17 Dad Fest in Washington Park - Albany
(more Professional  Pictures by Ed Sindoni by 7:00 pm Monday)
June 16 Corvettes @ PJ's - Jack Byrne - Galway Car ShowsBy:
June 15 Harbor House Cruise-In By: Ed Sindoni
June 14 Vintage Cafe   in JohnstownBy:
June 12       Yet More Guptill's Cruise-In   6-11-18        By: Walter Vogt Jr.
June 12 More Guptill's Cruise-In   6-11-18By: Ira Goldstein
June 11 Guptill's Cruise-In   6-11-18By:
June 10 New Era Cars @ Judson MeadowsBy:
June 9 Americade 2018By: Jonathan K.
June 9 New Country Porsche Car ShowBy: Jonathan K.
June 9 Good Guys in Rhinenbeck & East Coast at SchaghticokeBy:
June 8 Technopalooza in Middleburg By: Ed Sindoni
June 8 Hemmings Cruise-In on 6-07-18 By: Ed Sindoni
June 6 Leadfoot Lucy's & Harbor House: All Corvette Cruise-InBy:
June 3   More Cambridge Car Show  By: Walter Vogt Jr.
June 3 Columbia Car Club & Greenwich VFW ShowsBy:
June 1 VIP CorvettesBy:
June 1 Cambridge Car Show By: Mark Freedeman
May 31 Harbor House Cruise-In 5-31-2018 By: Ed Sindoni
May 30 Leadfoot Lucy's 5-30-2018By:
May 28 And more ... Mr Bill'sBy:
May 29 Mr Bill's Cruise-InBy: Ed Sindoni
May 29 Rivers CasinoBy: K-MAN
May 29 Musclepalooza @ Lebanon Valley By: Mark Freedeman
May 28 Ferrari's that all ....By: Jonathan K.
May 28 Musclepalooza 2018By:
May 26 Lafamilia Pizza  &   Pep BoysBy:
May 25 Guptill's 5-25-18By:
May 24 Syracuse PicsBy: K-MAN
May 24 Colonie High School Car Show  &  Mr Bill's Cruise-In Ballston SpaBy:
May 23 Leadfoot Lucys 5-23-18By:
May 21 Humpty Dumpty ++ By: Mark Freedeman
May 21 Humpty Dumptys By:
May 21 Jack Byrne with the Adirondack Shelby Mustang ClubBy: Ed Sindoni
May 20 Jack Byrne & O'Kennys Car Shows By:
May 18 Harbor House Cruise-InBy: Ed Sindoni
May 17 Mr Bill's Cruise-In - Ballston SpaBy:
May 16 Leadfoot Lucy's and Greenville GNH Lumber - Cruise-In'sBy:
May 14        a little this and a little that (no florida) #7By: K-MAN
May 13 Capital Area Rods at the "Valley"By:
May 13       Florida - varoius locations: Part 6By: K-MAN
May 12     Florida - varoius locations: Part 5By: K-MAN
May 12     Florida - varoius locations: Part 4By: K-MAN
May 11 Scoops Cruise-InBy:
May 11         Florida - Bradenton Florida Drag RacesBy: K-MAN
May 11     Florida - varoius locations: Part 3By: K-MAN
May 10     Florida - varoius locations: Part 2By: K-MAN
May 9     Florida - varoius locations: Part 1By: K-MAN
May 9 Leadfoot Lucy's 5-09-18By:
May 8 PJ's Bar B QueBy:
May 8     RhinebeckBy: K-MAN
May 6 Control Tower Cruise-In - LathamBy:
May 5 North Hudson Car ShowBy: Mark Freedeman
May 5 Rhinebeck 2018 SaturdayBy:
April 29 Market of Marion (county) sponsored by the Antique Auto Club of The VillagesBy: Ed Sindoni
April 29 TRI City Muscle at Via Port RotterdamBy: Jonathon K
April 28 Maple in April Car ShowBy: Mark Freedeman
April 28 Hemmings Motor News Cruise-In -  2012By:
April 22 Pistons & Props 2018By: Mark Freedeman
April 22 Car & Plane Show April 21, 2018By: "DAVE"
April 21 Pistons and Props April 21, 2018By: Mark Freedeman