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DATE2015 Car Show  PicturesLOCATION
October 28 Good Guys CharlotteBy: Ted Sweet
October 28 Hershey AACA Meet v. 2By: Ted Sweet
October 28 Hershey AACA Meet v. 1By: Ted Sweet
October 23 Rohan AACA Car Show - FloridaBy: Ed Sindoni
October 18 Greenbush Inn Car Show 288 picsBy: Mark Freedman
October 18 Greenbush Inn Car Show 2015By: CCS.com
October 17 Graveyarders Kreepfest Halloween Car ShowBy: Mark Freedman
October 17 Graveyarders Burnout Plus...How to destroy a set of $800.00 tires in 5 minutes.By: Mark Freedman
October 11 The Way We Were Car Show 2015By: CCS.com
October 10 Maple Ski Ridge Car Show v.3By: Mark Freedman
October 10 Maple Ski Ridge Car Show v.2 By: Jonathon Kipp
October 10 Maple Ski Ridge Car Show v.1By: CCS.com
October 6 OKenny's Falltastic Car Show  Valatie, NYBy: Ed Sindoni
October 4 Harbor House Car Show #2 (277 pics)By: Mark Freedman
October 4 Harbor House Car Show #2   VIDEO   "the exit".... niceBy: Mark Freedman
October 4 Harbor House Car Show #2By: CCS.com
October 4 VIP Corvette Show in Broadalbin and Deer Run Campgrounds in SchaghticokeBy: CCS.com
October 4 Harvest Festival Car Show in SchaghticokeBy: Donnie Panthen
October 4 Harvest Festival Car Show - Schaghticoke Fairgrounds By: Mark Freedman
September 28 Capital Area Rods at the Valley By: Ted Sweet
September 28 MOPARS at the Valley By: Ted Sweet
September 28 Granville Car Show (400 pics) By: Mark Freedman
September 28 Camelot Print Show & Capital Area RodsBy: CCS.com
September 27 Capital Districts Finest ...... Hemmings at Saratoga ......By: CCS.com
September 26 Vietnam Vets Watchfire @ Altamont FairgroundsBy: CCS.com
September 26 Hemmings - Berlin - Truck - MOPARS........ showsBy: CCS.com
September 24 Mr Bill's Ballston Spa Cruise-In  Last one Wednesday Sept. 30By: CCS.com
September 24 Harbor House Final Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
September 22 Altamont Apple & Wine Fest Car ShowBy: Donnie Panthen
September 20 Schaghticoke - East Greenbush - Paintworx CAR SHOWSBy: CCS.com
September 20 Advance Auto Car Show  CatskillBy: Mark Freedman
September 20 Golden Oldies Car Show  110 registered cars By: Mark Freedman
September 19 Goold Orchard Car Show - 2015By: CCS.com
September 17 PJ's Bar Be Que By: Mark Freedman
September 14 Guptill's Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
September 14 Adirondack Nationals -510 pics - By: Mark Freedman
September 13 Adirondack Nationals many +++ PHOTOS +++By: Facebook
September 13 Curtis Lumber Jeep Class & Playground DayBy: CCS.com
September 13 Adirondack Nationals Professional shots!By: Post Star
September 11 Adirondack NationalsBy: CCS.com
September 8 Lake Placid Ski Club Car ShowBy: Donnie Panthen
September 6 3 SHOWS Patriots Day - Musclepalozza - Great Barrington By: CCS.com
September 4 Guptill's Fri. Sept. 4 By: CCS.com
September 2 Corvette Cruise-In at Harbor House By: CCS.com
September 1 Harbor House Cruise-InBy: Ed Sindoni
August 30 Motorama Car Show - North Adams, MA By: CCS.com
August 30 Adiorondack A'a Model A Ford Club Meet By: CCS.com
August 30 Untouchables at OKenny's Express By: Mark Freedman
August 29 Classy Chassis By: CCS.com
August 26 Kohl's Plaza - Leadfoot Lucy's Cruise-In By: CCS.com
August 24 Metro Ford ShowBy: Ed Sindoni
August 23 Lazzaro Brothers Show @ Brunswick Elks (only 81)By: CCS.com
August 23 Lazzaro Brothers Show @ Brunswick Elks (675 pics - NOT just cars)By: Mark Freedman
August 22 Freedom Festival - PART IIBy: CCS.com
August 22 West Glens Falls Fire Dept. Car Show - aka - Freedom Festival (427 pics)By: Mark Freedman
August 21 Route 4 Driving Range and Guptill's Cruise-In'sBy: CCS.com
August 20 Hemmings - Harbor House & Mr. Bill's (Ballston Spa) Cruise-In'sBy: CCS.com
August 18 Juicy BurgerBy: Jonathon Kipp
August 18 O'Kenny's Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
August 17 Fairways of HalfmoonBy: CCS.com
August 17 Bobby ArsenaultBy: Donnie Panthen
August 16 Mr. Bill's Car Show Ballston SpaBy: Mark Freedman
August 16 Mr. Bill's Car Show Ballston SpaBy: CCS.com
August 15 Bobby Arsenault (354 pics!!! ... nice)By: Mark Freedman
August 11 Guptill's v4By: Donnie Panthen
August 10 Guptill's v3By: Jonathon Kipp
August 10 Guptill's v2By: CCS.com
August 10 Sad News: Obituary - Michael Budka     Mike earlier this year
"You only get one chance to make a first impression . . . he did." - Donnie Panthen .....
By: Donnie Panthen
August 10 Guptill's v1By: Jonathon Kipp
August 9 Mr Bill's So Glens Falls Car ShowBy: CCS.com
August 9 Whittier Rehab. Car Show in GhentBy: Donnie Panthen
August 8 Howe Caves Car Show By: CCS.com
August 7 Harbor HouseBy: Ed Sindoni
August 7 Guptill's Cruise-In By: CCS.com
August 6 Hemmings Cruise-In By: CCS.com
August 6 MR Bill's Ballston Spa Cruise-In By: CCS.com
August 5 MR Bill's South Glens Falls Cruise-In By: CCS.com
August 5 PJ'sBy: Mark Freedman
August 5 Honor Our Vets v5By: Mark Freedman
August 3 Honor Our Vets v4 "Bits and Pieces"By: Donnie Panthen
August 2 Ticonderoga Car Show By: CCS.com
August 2 Clarksville Heritage Day showBy: Ira Goldstein
August 2 Honor Our Vets v3  WOW Ed!!By: Ed Sindoni
August 1 Honor Our Vets Show v2By: Jonathon Kipp
August 1 Honor Our Vets Show v1 - 252 cars/motorclcles/jeeps/trucks - By: CCS.com
July 31 Route 4 Cruise-InBy: Ira Goldstein
July 31 Harbor HouseBy: Ed Sindoni
July 30 Leadfoot Lucy's - Kohl's Plaza Albany By: CCS.com
July 29 Frosty AcresBy: Donnie Panthen
July 25 Thacher Park & Frosty Acres Car ShowsBy: CCS.com
July 24 Harbor HouseBy: Ed Sindoni
July 23 Hemmings - Bennington & Mr. Bill's - Ballston SpaBy: CCS.com
July 21 New Hampshire NASCAR 2015By: Ed Sindoni
July 21 New Hampshire NASCAR 2015: Part 1By: Ed Sindoni
July 21 Fairways of Halfmoon Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
July 19 More Corvette ShowBy: CCS.com
July 19 Corvette Show @ Harbor HouseBy: Donnie Panthen
July 19 Syracuse Nationals 616 Pics!By: Mark Freedman
July 16 Mr. Bill's - Ballston Spa & Harbor House - Clifton ParkBy: CCS.com
July 14 Guptill's ... more yet By: Jonathan Kipp
July 13 Guptill's Monday Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
July 13 Fort Ann Fire CompanyBy: Mark Freedman
July 13 Curtis Lumber Car Show -  707 PICTURES!By: Mark Freedman
July 12 Fort Ann Volunteer Fire Co. Car ShowBy: CCS.com
July 12 Curtis Lumber Car ShowBy: CCS.com
July 12 Central Park - SchenectadyBy: Ed Sindoni
July 12 National Collector Car Day @ HemmingsBy: Ed Sindoni
July 11 Gavin Park in Wilton and Central Park in Schenectady - Car ShowsBy: CCS.com
July 10 Hemmings Cruise-In "Collector Car Appreciation Day" & Guptill's "Gathering" By: CCS.com
JuLY 9 LEADFOOT LUCY'S @ Kohl's Plaza By: Jonathan Kipp
July 8 Mr Bill's Glens Falls and Harbor House - Camaro & Firebird By: CCS.com
July 6 Juicy Burgers & MoreBy: Ed Sindoni
July 5 American Legion Show   CLOCK AWARDS SPONSOR: MARK FREEDMANBy: Mark Freedman
July 5 American Legion Saratoga 2015By: Donnie Panthen
July 5 American Legion Saratoga By: CCS.com
July 4 Saratoga's All American Celebration Car ShowBy: CCS.com
July 3 Harbor House - PJ's Bike Nite - Guptill's By: CCS.com
June 29 Capital District Chevy Club's 33rd Annual Car ShowBy: Donnie Panthen
June 28 CapitaL District Chevrolet Club showBy: Mark Freedman
June 27 "Y" ... a Car Show By: Jonathan Kipp
June 27 YMCA Bethlehem Car Show (332 photos) Mark has a NEW CAMERA!
-- Click on the first picture then on slideshow on the top WOW!!!
By: Mark Freedman
June 27 YMCA Bethlehem Car ShowBy: CCS.com
June 24 Lime Rock Car Show and Parking Lot Memorial Day WeekendBy: Jonathan Kipp
June 21 Malta Drive In Car ShowBy: Mark Freedman
June 21 Rotterdam Elks **NICE**By: Jonathan Kipp
June 21 Scotia Fathers Day Show **NICE**By: Jonathan Kipp
June 21 Scotia Fathers Day ShowBy: CCS.com
June 21 Schoharie Fathers Day ShowBy: CCS.com
June 21 Citroen RendezvousBy: Ira Goldstein
June 20 Cruise-In to Summer 7By: Donnie Panthen
June 20 Jack Byrne - Automobilist's of the Upper Hudson Valley By: CCS.com
June 20 Rotterdam Pop Warner Car ShowBy: CCS.com
June 20 Adirondack Corvettes at Maltbie Chevrolet - Lake George By: CCS.com
June 19 Guptill's Cruise-In (every Friday) By: CCS.com
June 16 Bob and Deb Landrio's Townline Museum Nice editing By: Donnie Panthen
June 16 Townline Museum: Back to the 50's and 60's WOW Ed!By: Ed Sindoni
June 14 Capital Area Rods By: CCS.com
June 13 Rotterdam Elks Car show... NICE job Ed!By: Ed Sindoni
June 13 Rotterdam Elks Car Truck Motorcycle Show (all the cars) By: CCS.com
June 12 Hemmings Cruise-In By: Donnie Panthen
June 11 Tastee Treat Cruise-In Slingerlands (all the cars)By: CCS.com
June 11 MR. Bill's Cruise-In Ballston Spa (all the cars)By: CCS.com
June 10 Leadfoot Lucys (all the cars)By: CCS.com
June 8 Chatham Car ShowBy: Ted Sweet
June 7 Crandal Park / ACE Car Club - Car ShowBy: CCS.com
June 7 Chatham Car ShowBy: CCS.com
June 6 Middle Granville Car ShowBy: CCS.com
June 6 Cambridge ShowBy: CCS.com
June 6 VIP Corvette ShowBy: CCS.com
June 4 Harbor House Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
June 3 Harbor House: Pontiac - Buick - OldsBy: CCS.com
June 3 Mr. Bill's Car Hop - Glens FallsBy: CCS.com
June 3 Americade - Lake GeorgeBy: CCS.com
May 31 Tamarac Plaza Car ShowBy: CCS.com
May 30 Memories on Wheels Car ShowBy: Donnie Panthen
May 30 Tamarac Plaza Car ShowBy: Mark Freedman
May 29 Hemmings Motor News Cruise-In #2 NICE job Ed!By: Ed Sindoni
May 29 Guptill's Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
May 28 Hemmings Motor News Cruise-InBy: CCS.com
May 27 Lake George Ho Jo's Cruise-In By: Mark Freedman
May 24 Norwich Car Show By: Mark Freedman
May 24 Musclepalooza XXIBy: CCS.com
May 24 Corinth High SchoolBy: CCS.com
May 23 Harbor House Cruise-In Week#2By: Ed Sindoni
May 20 Sad News: Obituary: Ron Markiewicz
(the man with the green 57 Chevy and a camera)
A Real car guy
May 18 Jack Byrne car showBy: Ed Sindoni
May 17 O Kenny's Springtastic Car Show - By: CCS.com
May 17 Saratoga Auto Museum #3 (great fish-eye) By: Mark Freedman
May 17 Saratoga Auto Museum #2 - (more WOW)By: Ed Sindoni
May 16 Saratoga Auto Museum #1 By: CCS.com
May 14 Harbor House: Week#1 100+ cars - NICE job JOE - fresh cars!By: Ed Sindoni
May 14 Hemmings Motor News: Cruise-In By: CCS.com
May 10 And More ... Pistons and PropsBy: Mark Freedman
May 10 More Pistons and Props (WOW)By: Ed Sindoni
May 9 Pistons and Props - ScotiaBy: CCS.com
May 10 Pinehurst (NC) Concours d'EleganceBy: Ed Sindoni
March 8 RhinebeckBy: Ted Sweet
May 6 Leadfoot Lucy's - ColonieBy: CCS.com
May 6 PJ's Bar-B-Que - Saratoga By: Mark Freedman
May 4 Rhinebeck Car Show By: Mark Freedman
May 3 Rhinebeck Car Show - Sunday - ClassicsBy: CCS.com
May 2 Crusin' to End NPC - Car Show - Clifton ParkBy: Mark Freedman
May 2 Crusin' to End NPC - Car Show - Clifton ParkBy: CCS.com
May 2 Our Ability - St. Stephen's Car Show - DelmarBy: CCS.com
April 23 Brooksville Transmission Show 2015By: Donnie Panthen
April 20 GM only show at Old Town in Kissimmee FL.By: Donnie Panthen
April 19 The Villages (FL) car show at Spanish Springs.By: Ed Sindoni
April 18 St JUDE Car Show and Family Fun DayBy: Mark Freedman
April 18 St JUDE Car Show and Family Fun DayBy: CCS.com
April 17 Braden River High Memorial ShowBy: Donnie Panthen
April 15 Start your engines' car showBy: Donnie Panthen
April 12 HVCC Open House 2015Troy
April 6 Gator Nationals NHRA @GainesvilleBy: Ed Sindoni
April 6 The Villages - Florida
AACA Show to End MS @ Sam's Club
By: Ed Sindoni
April 6 General Motors Restoration Show
(Hudson, FL) [Not JUST GM cars]
By: Ed Sindoni
April 6 Dade City, Florida
Monthly Show at The Old Historic Courthouse
By: Ed Sindoni
April 6 A Taste of Tierra Verde FloridaBy: Donnie Panthen
April 6 Biff Burger weekly Cruise NightBy: Donnie Panthen
April 4 So. Pinellas Veterans ShowBy: Donnie Panthen
March 29 Syracuse MotoramaBy: Ted Sweet
March 24 National Muscle Car Show and DragsBy: Donnie Panthen
March 17 A drag racer's dream tour ! Don GarlitsBy: Donnie Panthen
March 16 Amelia Island Concours D'Elagance 2015By: CCS.com
March 16 All Chevy Show in Tampa FLBy: Donnie Panthen
March 7 USA Flea Market Car Show 2015By: Donnie Panthen
March 7 A Spring Salute Car Show FLBy: Donnie Panthen
March 7 Quaker State Lube FLBy: Donnie Panthen
March 5 A Lakewood Ranch eveningBy: Donnie Panthen
March 4 Lulu's Pizza Buffet Car ShowBy: Donnie Panthen
March 2 Springfield MA - 2/28/15By: Ted Sweet