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Oct. 23  2019 Hershey AACA MuseumBy: Paul Wick
Oct. 23  2019 Hershey flea market car corral and show field     AND
Columbia-Greene Community College car shows
   1115 pics
By: Paul Wick
Oct. 23  White's Dairy BarBy: Paul Wick
Oct. 20 Mills Mansion - A Gathering of Old CarsBy: Mark Freedman
Oct. 20  Dock Browns Fall Car ShowBy: Ed Sindoni
Oct. 19 Dock Browns Car Show 2019  :  531 picturesBy: Mark Freedman
Oct. 17 Dover Drags at the Valley 2019     GREAT!   Pics By: K-MAN
Oct. 14  O'Kenny's Express Car ShowBy: Ed Sindoni
Oct. 13 The Way We Were Car Show 2019 By:
Oct. 13 Maple Ski Ridge Car Show 2019  :  547 picturesBy: Mark Freedman
Oct. 12 Maple Ski Ridge Car Show By:
Oct. 6  High Octane: Cars & Coffee at The MillBy: Jonathon K.
Oct. 6  Coffee at The Mill By: Ed Sindoni
Oct. 6 American Legion Car Show 2019  :  691 picturesBy: Mark Freedman
Oct. 6 American Legion Car Show By:
Sept. 30  Antique Camper Ralley and Car ShowBy: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 30 Greenbush Inn Car Show 2019  :  558 picturesBy: Mark Freedman
Sept. 29 Jim Vandeusen Memorial Car ShowBy: Paul Wick
Sept. 29 Cruisin on the Mountaintop 2019 By: Paul Wick
Sept. 29 Feliciano's Body Works Grand Opening and Car ShowBy: Jonathon K.
Sept. 29 Collar City Cars And Caffeine 2019 Season EnderBy: Jonathon K.
Sept. 26 Saratoga Auto X -   9/22/2019 By: Gaijin Media
Sept. 22 Auto X  ~~~~~~   2019 Saratoga Park  :  449 picturesBy: Mark Freedman
Sept. 22  Corvette / Mustang Challenge - Real Kids Wear PinkBy: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 22 Corvette / Mustang Challenge  :  406 picturesBy: Mark Freedman
Sept. 21 Corvette / Mustang ChallengeBy:
Sept. 21 Dukes Grove Campground Car ShowBy: Jonathon K.
Sept. 21 30th Annual Antique Truck ShowBy: Jonathon K.
Sept. 19 Saratoga Auto AuctionBy: Mark Freedman
Sept. 19 Leadfoot Lucys Cruise InBy: Jonathon K.
Sept. 19 Saratoga Auto Auction preview & Harbor House Cruise-In By:
Sept. 18 Mr. Bill's Cruise-In By:
Sept. 16 Flaming Leaves Car Rally 2019 By: Donnie Panthen
Sept. 15 VIP Corvettes - Good Shepard - Country Club of Troy By:
Sept. 15 Good Shepard - Saratoga Car Show 2019By: Ed Sindoni
Sept. 14 Cars & Coffee & Dogs   At first he looks mean and then...By: Jonathon K.
Sept. 14 Curtis Lumber Car ShowBy: Jonathon K.
Sept. 13 Malta Cruise-InBy: Jonathon K.
Sept. 9 Harbor House Band Day 2019By: Paul Wick
Sept. 9 Malta Cruise-InBy: Mark Freedman
Sept. 9 Malta Cruise-In 2019 By:
Sept. 9 Curtis Lumber Winners By: Curtis Lumber
Sept. 9 Curtis Lumber Car Show over 1,000 pics  417 registered cars ... a RECORD By: Curtis Lumber
Sept. 9 Adirondack Nationals 2019 By: K-MAN
Sept. 8 Curtis Lumber Car Show 2019    GREAT!   Pics By: Barb Tyler
Sept. 8 Curtis Lumber Car Show 2019 By:
Sept. 8 Adirondack Nationals - Saturday  : 308 picturesBy: Mark Freedman
Sept. 7 Adirondack Nationals 2019 - Saturday By:
Sept. 7 Adirondack Nationals 2019 - Friday   216 picturesBy: Mark Freedman
Sept. 7 Adirondack Nationals 2019 - Friday By:
Sept. 6Adirondack Nationals 2019 - Thursday    343 PicturesBy: Mark Freedman
Sept. 5 Harbor House 9/05/19 By:
Sept. 3 Musclepalooza At The Valley 2019 By: K-MAN
Sept. 2Governor's Taphouse    453 PicturesBy: Mark Freedman
Sept. 1 Governor's Taphouse Car Show 2019 By:
August 31 Harbor House Band Day 2019 By:
August 29 Harbor House Cruise-In 2019 By:
August 29 Harbor House Cruise-InBy: Ed Sindoni
August 27 “1945 Speed and Custom Coffee and Cars”By: Jonathon K.
August 26 Dealer day at Metro FordBy: Jonathon K.
August 26Brunswick Elk's / Lazzaro's Car Show    405 PicturesBy: Mark Freedman
August 25Brunswick Elk's / Lazzaro's Car ShowBy: Mark Freedman
August 25 Adirondack A's at Lakeside Car Show 2019By: Ed Sindoni
August 25 Metro Ford Car Show 2019By: Ed Sindoni
August 24 Metro Ford Show 2019 By:
August 24 Reservoir Thunder Car Show in ShokanBy: Paul Wick
August 23 Walmart - Amsterdam Car Show By:
August 23 Hemmings Cruise-InBy: Ed Sindoni
August 22 Hemmings Cruise-In By:
August 21 O Kenny's Cruise-InBy: Ed Sindoni
August 20 O Kenny's Cruise-In By:
August 19Dairy Haus   - 382 picturesBy: Mark Freedman
August 18 Dairy Haus By:
August 17 High Octane - Cars & CoffeeBy: Jonathon K.
August 17 Malta Cruise-In    CHECK OUT "da bus" By: Jonathon K.
August 17 Clifton Park Elks Car ShowBy: Jonathon K.
August 17 Toys for Tots @ Graveyarders & Bobby Arsenault By:
August 16 Harbor House Cruise-In
They came, it sprinkled, they left!
By: Ed Sindoni
August 14 Mr Bill's Cruise-In Ballston Spa By:
August 12 C8 Corvette revealing at DeNooyer Chevrolet By:
August 12 Malta Cruise-In By: Ed Sindoni
August 12 Summer Bash & Car ShowBy: Jonathon K.
August 12 Malta Cruise-In By:
August 11 Poestenkill Car Show By: Ed Sindoni
August 11 Poestenkill Car Show By:
August 11YMCA Car Show   - 417 picturesBy: Mark Freedman
August 11 Wheels of Time - Cruise Night at Cairo & Poestenkill Car ShowsBy: Paul Wick
August 10 YMCA Car Show By:
August 10YMCA Car Show By: Ira Goldstein
August 5New Era Car Show   - 490 picturesBy: Mark Freedman
August 4 New Era Car Show By:
August 4 New Era Car Show By: Ed Sindoni
August 2 Harbor House Cruise-InBy:
August 1 Harbor House Cruise-In By: Ed Sindoni
July 29 Graveyarder's GatheringBy: Jonathon K.
July 29Cohoes Proud Car Show #4  - 442 picturesBy: Mark Freedman
July 24 Cohoes Proud Car Show #3By:
July 28 Cohoes Proud Car Show #2By: Ed Sindoni
July 28 Cohoes Proud Car Show #1By: Barb Tyler
July 24 Leadfoot LucysBy:
July 24 Applebee's Cruise In - GlenmontBy:
July 23 Schoharie AACA Show Album #3By: Paul Wick
July 21 Schoharie AACA Show
More Schoharie
By: Ed Sindoni
July 14 McConchies Campground Car Show
Pictures by Ed Sindoni - feel free to download
By: ---
July 14 Hemmings National Car Collector Day By: Ed Sindoni
July 14 Campground Car Show and Flea Market   156 Pics more to followBy: Mark Freedman
July 10 Applebee's Glenmont Cruise-In By: Ed Sindoni
July 9 more ... Malta Cruise-In By: Ed Sindoni
July 8 Malta Cruise-InBy:
July 8 Goldstein's All MOPAR & Jeep Show By: Mark Freedman
July 8 Bumpy's Cruise-InBy: Jonathon K.
July 7 Goldstein's All MOPAR & Jeep ShowBy:
July 7 MOPAR ShowBy: Jonathon K.
July 3 N H R A DIVISIONAL 2019 By: K-MAN
July 3 MORE --- Lanzi's on the Lake Part 1By: Jonathon K.
June 30 Capital District Chevy Car Clus's Car ShowBy:
June 30 Crohn's Colitis Foundation Car ShowBy: Jonathon K.
June 28 Harbor House Cruise-InBy: Ed Sindoni
June 25 Lanzi's On The LakeBy: Jonathon K.
June 23 All Corvette Car Show   302 picturesBy: Dave Burkalow
June 22 Tannersville Car ShowBy:
June 18 Albany Saratoga Raceway Monthly Cruise-InBy: Ed Sindoni
June 17 Malta Cruise-InBy: Mark Freedman
June 16 Conor's CruisersBy: Jonathon K.
June 16 Buick Club Car Show @ Cook's Park Colonie  : 199 picturesBy: Mark Freedmam
June 16 Orphan Car Show  : 564 picturesBy: Mark Freedmam
June 16 Conor's Cruisers & Enthusiasts @Jack ByrneBy:
June 15 Automobilists of the Upper Hudson ValleyBy: Ed Sindoni
June 15 Middleburgh High School - "Technopalooza" 6-14-19By: Ed Sindoni
June 13 Leadfoot Lucy's  : 428 picturesBy: Mark Freedmam
June 12 Leadfoot Lucy's Cruise InBy: Jonathon K.
June 12 Leadfoot Lucy's & Mr Bill's Ballston SpaBy:
June 11 Corvette Cruise-In at Harbor HouseBy:
June 10 Mr Bill's Car Show    By: Barb Tyler Photography
June 10 Mr Bill's Car Show  : 613 picturesBy: Mark Freedmam
June 9 Mr Bill's Car Hop Ballston SpaBy:
June 9 Mr Bill's Ballston SpaBy: Ed Sindoni
June 9 Cambridge Lyons Club Car ShowBy: Mark Freedmam
June 8 Corvettes @ the Saratoga Auto Museum + Pontiacs @ Prestige Motor CarBy:
June 6 Harbor House June 6, 2019By:
June 2 Rivers Casino GIANT Yard SaleBy: Mark Freedmam
June 2 Vettes at LakesideBy: Ed Sindoni
June 1 Foreign Dignitaries at Limerock ...By: Jonathon K.
June 1 American Muscle at Limerock ParkBy: Jonathon K.
June 1 Vintage Racecars and sportscars at Limerock ParkBy: Jonathon K.
June 1 Vettes in Perfection Car ShowBy:
May 30 Harbor House Cruise-In     5/30/19By: Ed Sindoni
May 26 Collar City Cars & CaffeineBy: Ed Sindoni
May 26 MusclePalozza at Lebanon ValleyBy:
May 25 Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show ~ Johnstown, NYBy: Mark Freedmam
May 23 Leadfoot LucyBy: Mark Freedmam
May 22 Mr Bill's By: Ed Sindoni
May 22 Leadfoot Lucy'sBy: Jonathon K.
May 20 Everybody Likes Jack ByrneBy: Ed Sindoni
May 19 O Kenny's Sptingtastic Car ShowBy:
May 19 Saratoga Auto MuseumBy: Ed Sindoni
May 18 Sartatoga Auto MuseumBy: Mark Freedmam
May 16 Harbor House Cruise-In .... 5/15/19By:
May 12 Spitzies Motor Bash    GREAT!   Pics By: Mark Freedmam
May 12 Pep BoysBy: Jonathon K.
May 8 Leadfoot Lucy's Cruise-InBy: Jonathon K.
May 8 Mr Bill's Cruise-In > Ballston SpaBy:
May 7 Pep Boys Saturday NightBy: Jonathon K.
May 6 Weekend Cruisers at Advance Auto - AlbanyBy:
May 1 Collar City Cars & Caffeine Monthly MeetBy: Jonathon K.
May 1 Leadfoot Lucy's "Kick -Off"By: Jonathon K.
April 26 Our Last Spring Hill, Florida - Cruise-In By: K-MAN
April 24 Spring Hill, Florida - Cruise-In By: K-MAN
April 22 The Village at Spanish Springs 04-20-19 By: Ed Sindoni
April 19 Via Port - Mall By: Dave
April 15 Gasparilla Concours d'Elegance: Tampa FL
 **** (Inaugural year) April 13, 2019  ****
By: Ed Sindoni
April 14 Cars & coffeeBy: Jonathon K.
April 14 PEP BOYS OpenerBy: Jonathon K.
April 10 Spring Show - Black and White versionBy: Jonathon K.
April 10 Moving in Via Port Spring ShowBy: Jonathon K.
April 5 Saratoga Auto Museum - Wheels of Change
Cars and Culture of the Sixties
April 4 Dover Rod Run .. Dover Fla By: K-MAN
April 2 Lakeland Fla. Show By: K-MAN
March 31 Cars & CoffeeBy: Jonathon K.
March 24 Tri City Muscle Members are Lost in Space at the World of Wheels show...By: Jonathon K.
March 24 Huracan's at World of WeelsBy: Jonathon K.
March 24 Mopaah Caahs at World of WheelsBy: Jonathon K.
March 24 GM at World of Wheels Car ShowBy: Jonathon K.
March 23 Racers of all shapes, sizes, and vintageBy: Jonathon K.
March 23 FOMOCO at World of Wheels Car Show 2019By: Jonathon K.
March 23 Muscletangs at World of Wheels Car Show 2019By: Jonathon K.
March 23 Low Rider Lifestyle at World of Wheels By: Jonathon K.
March 23 Jeeps at World of Wheels 2019By: Jonathon K.
March 23 Motorcycles at World of Wheels 2019By: Jonathon K.
March 22 "Bits and Pieces" By: K-MAN
March 17 Northeast Racecar ExpoBy: Jonathon K.
March 17  Suncoast Mustang Club - Pinellas Park, FLBy: Ed Sindoni
March 15 Spring Hill Show - Florida By: K-MAN
March 11 Bradenton Drags   3/9/2019 - Florida By: K-MAN
March 9  Quail Run - Wesley Chapel, FLBy: Ed Sindoni
March 3  Billet Proof show at Don Garlits Museum
~~~~~~ Ocala Florida ~~~~~~
By: Ed Sindoni
Feb. 24 Carlisle Events - Winter Autofest @ Lakeland FL By: Ed Sindoni
Feb. 22  Local 2019 Show - Florida By: K-MAN
Feb. 17 Volusia Speedway - Final night - 02/16/19 By: Ed Sindoni
Feb. 15 Volusia Speedway
  Northeast Modifieds Florida Tour (Day 1 of 4)
By: Ed Sindoni
Feb. 14  Local Show - Florida By: K-MAN
Feb. 13 Spring Hill Local Show - Florida By: K-MAN
Feb. 11 Fireball CamaroBy: Jonathon K.
Feb. 11 518 Nostipz Street RacingBy: Jonathon K.
Feb. 9 Via Port Swap Meet and Meet & GreetBy:
Feb. 6 Spring Hill Local Show - Florida By: K-MAN
Jan. 31 Bradenton Drags - Florida By: K-MAN
  Corinth Car Show
& Muscle Pallozza
Jan. 22  ******** The Villages Spanish Springs ********  
...monthly show - about 400 vehicles with the Model A club leading the way...
By: Ed Sindoni
Jan. 18 Spring Hill - Florida By: K-MAN
Jan. 14 St.Petersburg Yacht Club By: Ed Sindoni
Jan. 10 *******  MECUM  *******  By: Ed Sindoni
Jan. 6 DADE CITY (FL) MONTHLY Cruise-inBy: Ed Sindoni